New Operational Limits features for API payments now available


Within the SmartHub private area, the API Settings section is enriched with the new Operational Limits feature that allows, together with the Trusted Beneficiary List feature, to customize and configure API SCT and API SCT Ins products.

Specifically, the new Operational Limits feature allows to configure and activate, in total autonomy, the maximum amount limits per single dispositive transaction initiated through API (API SCT and API SCT Inst).

Limits can be differentiated by:
- service (SCT, SCT INST)
- technical mode of conversation with the Bank (ISO, JSON)
- debit account linked to and entered in the Open Banking contract at the time of signing.

If no maximum amount limit is set, the standard product/scheme limits provided for the payment services invoked by the API apply. 

For more information contact your relationship manager or contact us through the appropriate SmartHub form (you will need to registeror access the private area).

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For terms and conditions of the Open Banking Service, consult the Information Sheet available in branch and on the website.