Intesa Sanpaolo's Open Banking at the service of a leading telecommunications company

By integrating Intesa Sanpaolo's APIs, a leading telecommunications company has streamlined the time it takes to activate its customers' contracts by minimising errors when typing IBANs.

The company had to wait a few days to activate the contracts in order to perform the necessary checks

The need of the telecommunications company was to optimise the purchase process of the end customer in store and online for any business service: a SIM, a tablet, a mobile phone, a subscription.In fact, several days were required for the activation of contracts due to the need to verify the IBANs communicated by customers in order to avoid:

  • Errors in data entry of bank details
  • Fraud attempts

IBAN check in real time to improve the purchasing process

By integrating IntesaSanpoalo's IBAN check API into their systems, companies can:

  • Verify the customer's IBAN automatically and in real time, at the time the contract is signed
  • Activate the service immediately, without having to wait the usual 2-3 working days
  • Minimise errors and effectively counteract fraud attempts

Thanks to the integration of IntesaSanPaolo APIs, the company has been able to optimize its processes and offer its customers an even better service

This API and the others in the Catalogue are immediately available and the integration typically takes a few days. 

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