Optimise your time with SCT API: you can integrate the functionality to initiate a single bank transfer from your Intesa Sanpaolo account into your management software, streamlining payment processes for a fast, smooth and secure user experience

Discover how Intesa Sanpaolo SCT API works

“One click"

Thanks to API integration, you can request the execution of a payment directly from your management system, with just one click. And the transfer arrives in the beneficiary's account within the first working day, the day on which the Bank of the Relationship/Connected Service is operational


Transactions are carried out according to the security standards set by European payment regulations


The API-based solution allows you to integrate the services into your applications and processes independently and in the way that best suits your needs


API-based integration gives you access to all detailed information (SEPA Credit Transfer initialisation and status/outcome) on a single channel


Availability of the detailed list of SCTs transmitted via API up to 18 months prior to the query date


The service is available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, including holidays

The SCT API contract includes several features!

By subscribing the Service, you can also access to several ancillary features to complete the integration of the SCT API into your business processes. 


Payment Validation

To verify the information contained in the request for payment execution purposes (including checking for syntactical correctness and reachability of the payee's IBAN)

Payment Verification

Checks the status (e.g. "executed") of transactions in the previous 18 months

Payment List

Returns the list of payments executed in the previous 18 months

Revocation of payments

To revoke payment instructions issued by the permitted cut-off date and time

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For the contractual conditions of of the Open Banking Service, please consult the relevant information sheets available on the website as well as in the bank branches.