API Check IBAN – Check existence of IBAN and correctness of holder

Improve daily operations with Check IBAN API: you can check in real time the existence of an account associated with the IBAN of the main Italian banks and the correctness and congruence of the holder's tax code/VAT number

Discover how Intesa Sanpaolo's Check IBAN API works


The API-based solution gives you the certain outcome (OK / KO) in real time on the IBANs of all participating banks (a full list of banks participating in the Check IBAN service can be found at cbiglobe.com)

Simplified onboarding

Optimised verification times ensure smooth and fast onboarding to the end user

Reduced risk

The API-based solution allows you to check in real time that the account associated with the IBAN, rooted in Intesa Sanpaolo or other banks, is active, and that the tax code/VAT code provided by the customer corresponds to the holder and, for accounts rooted in Intesa Sanpaolo only, that the tax code is authorised to operate on the IBAN indicated, reducing the risk of defaults and potential fraud. You can also use the check not directly in your processes but on behalf of one of your customers


The API-based solution allows you to integrate the services into your applications and processes independently and in the way that best suits your needs


The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including public holidays

Example of use

If your company offers a product/service that requires customers to take out a subscription, you can integrate the check IBAN function into your systems/apps, guaranteeing the census of certified data and enabling immediate activation of the subscription

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