Intesa Sanpaolo's Open Banking offer will allow your company to carry out real-time dispositive and informative operations using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) integrated directly into your applications, creating value for your customers or more streamlined and efficient processes for your company.

Intesa Sanpaolo APIs are REST services and are exposed in URLs published through the Intesa Sanpaolo Group API Gateway. They correspond to standard JSON (in request and response) and integrate standard HTTP response codes.

In order to ensure high security standards, the Intesa Sanpaolo Group adopts the oauth2 standard protected by mutual authentication certificates

Getting started

In this section you will find the technical documentation, including swaggers for each API, freely accessible from the side menu.

To get a feel for our APIs, register with SmartHub and access our playground where you can try out the calls relating to the most significant use cases of each API.

Once you have signed the Open Banking contract you will access the SmartHub reserved area where you will find the tools to support your development activities: 

  • Developer Portal, where you can configure your app and manage the APIs you have purchased and download your security credentials to use to invoke our APIs
  • Certificates Management to download the mutual authentication certificates to be installed on your application

Once you have completed the above tasks you will be able to take advantage of a dedicated API integration environment, called the Sandbox, so that you can develop what you need before proceeding to use the production environments.

For further information, please consult the FAQ section or contact us via the dedicated form.

Continue exploring our APIs by accessing the sections of the side menu dedicated to the individual interfaces.